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The Oasis crew

Front row, Left to Right: Brandon Hearn-Warehouse Manager, Hannah Smith-Bookeeper, Jason Daniels-Owner, Jamie Lewis-Store Manager, Barbara Tedder-Assistant Store Manager, Eva Smith-Bookeeper, Tommy Griffith-Service

Middle row, Left to Right:  Joe Edwards-Service Manager, Prentiss Garrard-Service Tech., Randy Daniels-Service Tech.

Back row, Left to right: Sam Edwards-Service Tech., Zack Branan-Service Tech., Jordan Ledlow-Construction, Robert Harrison-Construction, Keith Lewis-Construction Manager, Dustin Lewis-Construction Supervisor

Oasis Pools and Spa’s is a family owned and operated company.

To learn more about what you need to know in choosing a pool design and construction company and what makes Oasis Pools and Spa’s unique, please stop in and visit or call us. We will have you makin’ a splash in no time in your new pool or spa!

Jason Daniels, Owner, Oasis Pools and Spas
Jason Daniels

Jason is a resident of Vicksburg, Mississippi and the owner of Oasis Pools and Spas and the Dixie Fence Corporation.   Jason has been in the swimming pool business for over 30 years and looks forward to continuing to serve our customers in Mississippi and Louisiana for years to come

Store Manager
Jamie has over 30 years experience working in the Swimming Pool and Spa industry and loves helping Customers decide on the perfect swimming pool or Spa.


Jamie Lewis Whitten, Store Manager, Oasis Pools and Spas
Jamie Lewis Whitten
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